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The Cost of Medication:

For families who have sick children, dealing with the cost of medication and treatment can be stressful. To give an idea of some of the costs involved, here is a listing of some common medical treatments in Ontario. These are costs that are NOT covered by our government health plan.

  • Remicade infusions to treat Crohn’s Disease:
    $2,400-$3,800 monthly
  • Vitamin K for Liver Transplant Children:
    $600 a month, or $25/day for kids with a rare metabolic condition
  • Vancomycin, antibiotic that treats Ulcerative Colitis:
    $1000 a week ($4000 monthly)
  • Nasogastic (NG) tube feeding and formula:
    $250 per week ($1000 monthly)

Additional Issues that require funding related to medication costs:

  • Costs when government coverage has yet to be applied for, or for families who are awaiting approval
  • Costs of deductible if a family has partial drug coverage or coverage from Trillium Drug Program
  • Costs for supplies and equipment related to medications (i.e. Diabetes)
  • Short term costs – i.e. for some Oncology children who require an expensive medication (GCSF) to boost their white blood cells prior to harvesting their stem cells for transplantation later