Take a Bite, Change a Life

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Who we help

Aaron’s Apple helps families bridge the financial gap so that they will not have to deny their children necessary medical treatments and patient amenities due to lack of funding. Here is how the Mission of Aaron’s Apple makes a difference in the lives of these children and their families. The following is how we fund a medical need for a family with a chronically ill child, who otherwise would not be able to accommodate such an expense.

Take a Bite. Bridge a Gap. Save a Life.

Sick Kids

Aaron’s Apple is proud to be providing direct funding to SickKids Patient Amenities Fund.

The Patient Amenities Fund provides much-needed assistance to families dealing with the financial burden of a child’s illness. Each year, the Fund helps over a thousand families with a wide range of needs including transportation, accommodation, and childcare as well as medical supplies that allow patients to remain where they heal most quickly: at home.


Medication is one of the many expenses covered by the Patient Amenities Fund at SickKids. Although public health insurance covers the cost of medication for inpatients, families are responsible for the cost of medication once they return home. This can pose significant financial difficulty for parents whose children are not eligible for government assistance or covered under private benefit plans. Sometimes, the only medication that will work for a child is not covered by private or public benefit plans. And for lower-income families, even relatively inexpensive medication can cost more than they are able to afford.


The Patient Amenities Fund ensures that a child’s health is not further compromised by financial difficulty by helping families in need with the cost of medication. For families who do not have coverage for a prescription and cannot afford it, this means that a sick child is able to access life-saving or life-enhancing drugs that they would otherwise go without. With your generous support, the Patient Amenities Fund is helping these children live healthier and happier lives.