Take a Bite, Change a Life

Your help can return a smile to a child's face

Aaron’s Apple Presents:
The Milliliter Monthly Miracle Program

thermometerMonthly donors are the heart and soul of any charitable organization. Monthly donors give consistently throughout the year and allow Aaron’s Apple to depend on continued funding to allocate funds and provide consistent services.


Have you ever wondered how much a milliliter of medication costs? It can be as little as dollar, or as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the drug.


Become a Milliliter Monthly Miracle member and know that you are contributing to the stability of the organization and the continued support of many families of chronically ill children.


We encourage children and youth to become Milliliter Monthly Miracle members, and offer monthly donation sums of as little as $5 or $10. A small part of the child’s allowance or monthly spending would add up to be a significant dollar amount as time goes by. Milliliter by Milliliter, Aaron’s Apple supporters will be making a positive difference in the lives of children living with chronic illness.


Of course, we are especially hoping that families and businesses will consider becoming Milliliter Monthly Miracle members by electing to donate a sum of their own choosing.


  • $25 per month adds up quickly to a $300 donation in the course of a year.
  • $50 per month brings the yearly donation to $600.
  • $100 per month or more will make substantial progress in the efforts of Aaron’s Apple Mission to fund medication and patient amenities for chronically ill children.


To become a Milliliter Monthly Miracle member, please click here.