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Our Team

Aaron Maresky – Founder

Mandy Maresky – Co-Founder

Mandy Maresky has had the great fortune of growing up both in Toronto and in Johannesburg South Africa. She completed high school and college education in South Africa, where she received certification in Medical Aesthetics, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. For the past 18 years Mandy has worked very successfully as a Sole proprietor as a Medical Aesthetician. Mandy has always had an enormous passion for philanthropy and kindness. Motivated by her son’s illness and inspiring attitude , Mandy; together with her son Aaron and husband Neil founded Aaron’s Apple in 2009. Mandy now successfully leads Aarons Apple. Mandy is a highly engaged and proud mother of Aimee, Lori and Aaron.

Neil Maresky

Neil Maresky was born in South Africa, where he studied medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand, and graduated with the Degree of Medicine in 1987. Neil went to being Senior house officer of Cardiology, and a Medical officer at Number 1 Military Hospital before going into private practice as a family Physician in Johannesburg South Africa. Neil emigrated to Toronto Canada in 1993, where he entered the pharmaceutical industry 18 years ago. Neil has occupied many senior positions in R&D in the industry, as well as serving on numerous boards, and current holds the position of Vice President Scientific Affairs Astra Zeneca Canada. When motivated by his son’s illness and inspiring attitude , both him, Aaron and his wife founded Aaron’s Apple in 2009. Neil is happily married and a proud father of 3 children Aimee, Lori and Aaron.